Specific ships

From 7019

Ships of the Celestial Alliance

Aurora Ascendant

  • Class: Light Cruiser
  • Trivia: The Aurora Ascendant is known for its speed and agility, often used in reconnaissance missions and quick-strike operations.

Eclipse Shadow

  • Class: Stealth Frigate
  • Trivia: Equipped with advanced cloaking technology, the Eclipse Shadow is virtually undetectable, making it ideal for covert missions.

Stellar Voyager

  • Class: Exploration Vessel
  • Trivia: The Stellar Voyager was the first ship to map the uncharted regions of the Andromeda galaxy, expanding the known boundaries of the Celestial Alliance.

Celestial Gallery

  • Class: Exhibition Vessel
  • Trivia: the largest ship in the celestial alliance

Aurora's Embrace

  • Class: Hospital Ship
  • Trivia: Aurora's Embrace is famed for its extensive medical facilities and has saved countless lives in disaster zones across the galaxy.

Chrono Seeker

  • Class: Temporal Research Vessel
  • Trivia: The Chrono Seeker is equipped with unique technology to study and navigate temporal anomalies, playing a key role in time-related research.

Elysian Harmony

  • Class: Cultural Exchange Vessel
  • Trivia: The Elysian Harmony is dedicated to fostering cultural exchanges and is known for its onboard museum showcasing artifacts from across the galaxy.

Non-Military Ships of the Celestial Alliance

Stellar Nomad

  • Class: Exploration Vessel
  • Trivia: The Stellar Nomad is known for its long-range capabilities, allowing it to explore distant star systems for extended periods.

Aurora's Grace

  • Class: Medical Ship
  • Trivia: Aurora's Grace is equipped with advanced medical facilities and has been pivotal in humanitarian missions across the galaxy.

Nebula Navigator

  • Class: Science Vessel
  • Trivia: The Nebula Navigator specializes in studying cosmic phenomena and has contributed significantly to our understanding of nebulae.

Galactic Trader

  • Class: Cargo Freighter
  • Trivia: The Galactic Trader is one of the most reliable cargo ships, known for its vast storage capacity and efficient delivery routes.

Ethereal Harmony

  • Class: Cultural Exchange Vessel
  • Trivia: The Ethereal Harmony hosts cultural festivals and exhibitions, promoting unity and understanding among different species.

Solar Voyager

  • Class: Passenger Liner
  • Trivia: The Solar Voyager offers luxury travel experiences, complete with entertainment and dining facilities, for interstellar tourists.

Quantum Explorer

  • Class: Supply and agricultural Ship
  • Trivia: The Quantum Explorer is equipped with cutting-edge laboratories and has made numerous discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics.

Void Seeker

  • Class: Deep Space Probe
  • Trivia: The Void Seeker is designed for deep space missions, often venturing beyond the known boundaries of the galaxy.

Starlight Courier

  • Class: Messenger Ship
  • Trivia: The Starlight Courier is famed for its speed, delivering messages and small cargo across the galaxy in record time.

Celestial Haven

  • Class: Habitat Ship
  • Trivia: The Celestial Haven serves as a mobile habitat, providing homes for those who prefer to live in space rather than on a planet.

Nebula Drifter

  • Class: Survey Ship
  • Trivia: The Nebula Drifter is used for mapping and surveying uncharted regions of space, collecting valuable data for future expeditions.

Galactic Bazaar

  • Class: Trade Ship
  • Trivia: The Galactic Bazaar travels between star systems, offering a marketplace for exotic goods and rare items.

Solar Pioneer

  • Class: Colony Ship
  • Trivia: The Solar Pioneer is designed to transport and support new colonies, carrying everything needed to establish a new settlement.

Ethereal Symphony

  • Class: Entertainment Ship
  • Trivia: The Ethereal Symphony is a floating concert hall, hosting performances by renowned artists from across the galaxy.

Starlight Sanctuary

  • Class: Refuge Ship
  • Trivia: The Starlight Sanctuary provides safe haven for refugees and displaced individuals, offering shelter and support.

Celestial Gardener

  • Class: Agricultural Ship
  • Trivia: The Celestial Gardener is dedicated to cultivating crops in space, using advanced hydroponics and agro-techniques.

Quantum Vision

  • Class: Observatory Ship
  • Trivia: The Quantum Vision is equipped with powerful telescopes and sensors, making it a mobile observatory for studying the cosmos.

Void Wanderer

  • Class: Nomadic Ship
  • Trivia: The Void Wanderer is home to a community of space nomads who travel from system to system, living a life of exploration.

Galactic Scholar

  • Class: Educational Ship
  • Trivia: The Galactic Scholar offers educational programs and lectures, bringing knowledge and learning to remote areas of the galaxy.

Solar Artisan

  • Class: Craft Ship
  • Trivia: The Solar Artisan is a floating workshop where craftsmen create and sell handmade goods, often featuring unique designs and materials.

Ethereal Horizon

  • Class: Survey Ship
  • Trivia: The Ethereal Horizon specializes in environmental surveys, studying planetary ecosystems and climate conditions.

Starlight Voyager

  • Class: Luxury Yacht
  • Trivia: The Starlight Voyager is a private luxury yacht, offering exclusive travel experiences for the galaxy's elite.

Celestial Beacon

  • Class: Communication Ship
  • Trivia: The Celestial Beacon boosts and relays communication signals across vast distances, ensuring connectivity between distant star systems.

Nebula Sanctuary

  • Class: Rescue Ship
  • Trivia: The Nebula Sanctuary is equipped for search and rescue missions, providing aid to ships in distress.

Galactic Oasis

  • Class: Leisure Ship
  • Trivia: The Galactic Oasis is a recreational ship featuring parks, spas, and leisure facilities, offering relaxation and entertainment in space.