Nova Lumina

From 7019
Nova Lumina Shipyard

Nova Lumina

Nova Lumina is a prominent industrial shipyard located in the outer sectors of the Galactic Core. Known for its large-scale shipbuilding capabilities, extensive mineral extraction from asteroids, and a network of massive space elevators linking the shipyard to its planetary base, Nova Lumina stands as a key infrastructure hub in 7019.


Nova Lumina was established in the late 6970s as a strategic industrial site designed to support the burgeoning demands of interstellar construction and mining operations. It quickly grew into one of the most sophisticated shipyards in the galaxy, specializing in the manufacturing of both commercial and military spacecraft.


  • Space Elevators: One of the most striking features of Nova Lumina is its series of huge space elevators that connect the shipyard directly to its planetary base. These elevators transport personnel, materials, and equipment between the surface and the shipyard, facilitating efficient movement of resources necessary for ship construction and asteroid mining operations.
  • Shipyard Facilities: The shipyard itself is equipped with advanced manufacturing technologies, including automated assembly lines, zero-gravity construction docks, and high-energy plasma forges. It is capable of producing everything from small exploratory vessels to massive capital ships.

Mineral Extraction

  • Asteroid Mining: Nova Lumina is strategically placed near a dense asteroid belt, providing it with access to a wealth of minerals and rare metals. The shipyard utilizes a fleet of automated drones and manned excavators to harvest resources from these asteroids.
  • Processing and Refinement: Extracted materials are processed directly at the orbital facilities of Nova Lumina. The shipyard hosts extensive refining complexes that purify and prepare these materials for use in various manufacturing processes or for export to other parts of the galaxy.

Economic Impact

  • Nova Lumina is a crucial economic engine for its region. It not only supplies materials and spacecraft to other systems but also provides thousands of jobs across various sectors, from engineering to logistics.
  • The shipyard has fostered numerous subsidiary industries, including component manufacturing, artificial intelligence development for mining operations, and zero-gravity construction training.

Governance and Security

  • Governance: Nova Lumina is operated by a consortium of interstellar mining and manufacturing firms, which jointly manage the shipyard's operations through a governing council. This council coordinates the strategic planning, defense, and international trade relations of the shipyard.
  • Security: Given its strategic importance and valuable resources, Nova Lumina is protected by a sophisticated security apparatus, including a dedicated fleet of defense spacecraft, anti-missile systems, and continuous surveillance.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Logistical Complexity: Managing the immense flow of materials and personnel via the space elevators presents significant logistical challenges. Innovations in logistics management and transport technology are continually developed to address these issues.
  • Environmental Concerns: The extraction and processing of minerals from asteroids raise environmental concerns. Nova Lumina is engaged in ongoing research to minimize the ecological impact of its operations on nearby celestial bodies and space environments.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Nova Lumina plans to expand its facilities to accommodate the increasing demand for interstellar spacecraft and to enhance its asteroid mining technologies. There are also proposals to upgrade the space elevators to support faster transport and higher capacity, ensuring that Nova Lumina remains at the forefront of industrial and technological advancements in the galaxy.